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Y2:W21 - Munky Tests His Engine!
  19th January, 2010
AGameAWeek 2010 - Game Number One!

We'll call this a test game, because the whole framework thing still isn't quite up to scratch, with all kinds of missing features!
Plus I've put in LOADS of little quirks, things that should be quick have been made extra lengthy, and there's a bunch of redundancy.. This is half-done on purpose so that I can see what the available systems can and can't cope with.

Hopefully we'll find that they can!!

Type in the text that's displayed on the screen,
keep munky and train running lovely and clean.

You can download this TWICE!!!

Download : This Version is for Windows.
Download : This Version is for Linux!

and if you're bored...
This is the DVD style extras pack!
Oooh!! New Feature!!
Not much to speak off, though, since this entire game was only started yesterday, and I hadn't thought this stuff through, yet!!

Now, since this is a test, we need some feedback.
See inside to help me through things

The Obvious
Does it run (especially the Linux version!) and does it do what it oughta.
If anything goes "NO!!" then head into the "Files" folder, dig out Debug.txt, and let me know where it go up to!

Run the game, play with the settings (hit tab) and let me know your results.
Nice and simple, and should work, although fullscreen seems to be completely ignored inside the Linux version. Not sure why that's happening, but for now I'm just going assume it's the way things work!!

To change a key (although this game doesn't use them, but it's still there for testing!) open the options up, hover the mouse over the onscreen button and tap a new key. You can then hold that key to make the onscreen button glow. .. Or at least, it should!
And it's name should be right, but it's probably not. Let me know!

If you've got joysticks plugged in, those should define accurately, too, although they won't yet glow as they're hit, 'cos I've not quite finished the joystick code, yet!!

The game should run fine, and the music should play, but I've never tried using Ogg before. If things go awry, let me know that, too!

Works fine?!
On the off chance that things actually work correctly, please please please let me know that, too! If I'm going to use this engine for the rest of the year, I'd rather be told that it's working, than having to assume it might be!!


AGAWScoring : 21 weeks, 31 games. Luvly!!!!

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