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Rants, Raves and AGameAWeek! Get the Greens!
28th July 2009  
First things first, here's this week's AGameAWeek game.
I've done a few dozen "Get the Greens" before, so I figured I'd keep this one short.
Simply put, get the greens, and avoid the holes.
No enemy this time, just you and the floor, so if you're nice and gentle you could probably get quite far through and score a decent score.
As it stands, my highscore is currently 15 points.
So, not a super-high-scoring game, but definitely one you could beat me at!

Since I've made so many of these before, I decided to give this one more of a unique name.
So, rather than just calling it "Get the Greens", this one's "OMG!WTF!Get the Greens"
Imaginative, I think you'll agree!

Use the mouse to move the ball, get the greens, avoid the holes.
Simple stuff..

You can Download OMG!WTF!GetTheGreens here, and try to beat my rubbish highscore.

Now, head inside for the rant and rave bit!-=-=-

It's been almost a year since I started this. August 4th 2008 is the date of the changeover blog entry, and August 5th is the first game's release.
Since then we've been through all manner of gametypes. Puzzles, platformers, shooters and probably a whole bunch that I've long since forgotten about.

It's been a kick-ass year.

But, BOY, am I running out of ideas!!
I mean, seriously, the number of "Get the Green" games I've done is starting to get stupid.
I've probably made more games in a year than Electronic Arts, and even they ran out of ideas.

See, It's not the making of the games that's the problem, it's the thinking them up. As time goes on, I'm finding myself repeating the same sorts of games over and over again, and..
I dunno.

I'm getting to the point where I'm not sure about AGameAWeek anymore.
I love doing it, and it's fun to keep trying, but without solid ideas the plan doesn't really work all that well.

Perhaps it's time to add some kind of little ideas box on the site somewhere! For now you can shove ideas below, and I'll probably try to add them to a list somewhere.
If I remember to do so!

OK, next on the list..
A year's come and gone. This is the last week that I'm allowed to count as my first year of AGameAWeek, so I guess I'm going to have to create some kind of nice little retrospective, looking back at all the games, and even tallying up things as I go.
It might be nice to add some little graphs, week number vs number of games so far, and see how it all stacks up at the end of the year.
So, you can look forward to all that kind of nonsense appearing here over the next few days.
Should be interesting to see.

Next, here's a little video.
I don't normally do this sort of thing, but AuthenticKaizen sent me a link to this, yesterday, and it speaks volumes to me.

View on YouTube

It seems that the general lack of interest in gaming isn't just something that's happening to me because I'm getting older!
I was worried that I might be hitting that point where games aren't as much fun, but as it turns out, from all the chattering around the net lately, it's not me.
It's the fact that games are turning to shit.
A stroll into town finds a batch of uninteresting rubbish games.
A look online, on XboxLiveArcade, Steam and WiiWare all turn up a completely different thing.
Those games are fun.
Those games are interesting.

Games aren't dying because the developers aren't out there.
We just need to support the ones who aren't churning out crap.

Rant over.

I'll leave you with what Gamespot suggest to be EA game's list of games from 2008,
from here.
It's a bit pathetic looking, really, isn't it!
<table><tr><td>Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition</td><td>PC</td><td>Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter</td><td></td><td>Jan 17, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>The Sims: Castaway Stories</td><td>PC</td><td>Virtual Life</td><td></td><td>Jan 29, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>The Sims: Castaway Stories</td><td>MAC</td><td>Virtual Life</td><td></td><td>Jan 29, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Need for Speed ProStreet</td><td>PSP</td><td>GT / Street Racing</td><td>4.0</td><td>Feb 18, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Army of Two</td><td>PS3</td><td>Modern Shooter</td><td>6.5</td><td>Mar 6, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Army of Two</td><td>X360</td><td>Modern Shooter</td><td>6.5</td><td>Mar 6, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath</td><td>PC</td><td>Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy</td><td>7.5</td><td>Mar 24, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>NASCAR 09</td><td>PS3</td><td>Stock Car Racing</td><td>7.0</td><td>Jun 10, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>NASCAR 09</td><td>X360</td><td>Stock Car Racing</td><td>7.0</td><td>Jun 10, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Battlefield: Bad Company</td><td>PS3</td><td>Modern First-Person Shooter</td><td>8.5</td><td>Jun 23, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Battlefield: Bad Company</td><td>X360</td><td>Modern First-Person Shooter</td><td>8.5</td><td>Jun 23, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath</td><td>X360</td><td>Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy</td><td>7.5</td><td>Jun 23, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Mercenaries 2: World in Flames</td><td>X360</td><td>Modern Action Adventure</td><td>5.0</td><td>Aug 31, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Spore</td><td>PC</td><td>Strategy</td><td>8.0</td><td>News</td><td>Sep 7, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Spore</td><td>MAC</td><td>Strategy</td><td></td><td>Sep 7, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Spore Creatures</td><td>DS</td><td>Strategy</td><td>6.5</td><td>Sep 7, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning</td><td>PC</td><td>Fantasy Online Role-Playing</td><td>8.5</td><td>News</td><td>Sep 18, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>SimCity Creator</td><td>WII</td><td>Strategy</td><td>6.0</td><td>Sep 22, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>SimCity Creator</td><td>DS</td><td>Strategy</td><td>7.5</td><td>Sep 22, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>MySims</td><td>PC</td><td>Virtual Life</td><td></td><td>Oct 28, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Mirror's Edge</td><td>PS3</td><td>Modern First-Person Shooter</td><td>7.0</td><td>Nov 11, 2008</tr>
<tr><td>Mirror's Edge</td><td>X360</td><td>Modern First-Person Shooter</td><td>7.0</td><td>Nov 11, 2008</tr></table>

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