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Gravity Bob
13th July 2009  
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This week's Wednesday Workshop (#209) asked us to create a game with some kind of Gravity.

If you've been following AGameAWeek for a while, you'll remember Puzzobomb. A nice puzzle game with Gravity.
I also did MunkyBlocks as a kind of follow up.

Well, this week I decided to try it again, but with rotational gravity, rather than plain gravity.

As such, the block will fall in the direction they're placed.
They have little arrows on them, to show which direction they'll fall in.

You can Download Gravity Bob here.

The description for this game is a little wordy, so head inside for instructions.


On each map is at least one locked block. Get the other same-coloured blocks to meet with it, at the same angle, and the movable block will disappear.
Make all the movable blocks vanish, and the locked block will also disappear.

Remove all blocks to head to the next level.

Your character can walk on all walls/floors/ceilings.
Up/down/left and right are your obvious directions.. walk around as you need.
There's a "Jump" button, (X), but unlike a normal jump button, this one makes you flip head over heals, and fall upwards to what was previously your roof.
Luvly stuff!

The Z button will grab a block, if you're stood infront of it, or drop it if you're holding one.
Just keep an eye on what direction the block will fall when you let go of it!!

What's wrong
You know, I'm not sure!
But, for whatever reason, the game in my head was 100 times more interesting than the end result.
Maybe it got too confusing, maybe the graphics weren't right, maybe it needed proper "Puzzle blocks" disappearing rules.
Heck, it might just be a simple task of "More levels, more tricky, just more".
I don't know.
But, for one reason or another, it just didn't play as well as I'd hoped it would.

As is, there's 5 really simple levels to complete.
Once done, it'll loop back around.

Feel free to open the levels/ files, and make your own.
Shouldn't be "too" hard to figure it out

You can Download Gravity Bob here.

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