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2nd December 2008  
Another week working on Alien Deathmatch means another week that I've not done AGameAWeek, so it's back into the big bag of failures to see if we can dig anything new out.


But, the lack of anything new, and finished, doesn't always mean nothing on this Blog.. Let's bring back the old "Experimental" tag from way back when, and show off a few random bits of unfinished garbage.


You can download ALL of these "games" <a href="">in this neat package.</a>

Lets start with...

<img src="" align="right">

Alien Deathmatch!!

11th of Feb 2007 (or thereabouts) I started to draw a batch of Alien Breed style graphics that would be put together to make a nice big DS Alien Breed game. I honestly can't remember what it was that stopped be doing it, but something did! And then I forgot all about it.
A year later I decided to actually use the sprites, and that's Alien Deathmatch on the PC.
At some point in the future, I'll probably revisit the DS one, have a poke around, and come up with a finished game. But not right now! Too busy!!
This "game" features a man on an empty map, with 0 wall collisions, but with a selectable set of weapons, and even 4 different control schemes!!!! Blimey!

<img src="" align="right">

Mario's Fiery Fourth

This one's a real shame..
I couldn't work out the whole "LCD Blur" thing, and the game knocks you sick when you play it too long. Or at least, it does me, anyway!
The gameplay in this "game" is pretty basic.. run left and right, collect a mushroom to grow, run into a goomba to shrink, and then that's about it.. Nothing else happens because when I shoved it on my DS I went "Euw.. wTf!!?" and gave up around that point. Shame..
Looks ok in an emulator, though.. (bah.)
Not sure what those numbers are, by the way!

<img src="" align="right">


This latest release was sneakily posted in the middle of the GBADev JNKPlat thread, but I don't think anyone noticed since it never got posted to any homebrew sites.. I'm posting it here, so it probably still won't get posted to any homebrew sites
Still, here it is again, and this time it's got a much nicer frontend so you can pluck the levels out in a friendlier way. It's not much of a difference, so I never really bothered to post it in a large enough way that it'd get noticed..
There's also no editor, either.. But there's a whole big batch of levels, so.. honestly, you won't need an editor!

<img src="" align="right">

Centipong - Week 3

I added a nice blue background to Centipong in week 3.. And then sat looking at the game, and wondering what else to do, so I never really bothered to add anything, and then subsequently never bothered to release it... But here it is today! And it's not really worth it, but there you go!

So, there's your games for this week.. Not finished, not great, but still something to look at!

Now.... I really need to get AD2 finished!!!

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New games every week!
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