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A Really Rubbish Darts Game!
9th December 2008  
I didn't get time to fix this up properly last night, or this morning, either.. Blame Alien Deathmatch!

So, this week's game is exactly as it was yesterday, when posted over at Socoder.
Wednesday Workshop #180 asked us to create a Darts game, so here's a quickly made one.

A target is written on the scoreboard, and with your three darts, you have to try to get as close to that target as you can.
<img src="">
Nice and simple.

But not very good!

Aw well..

<a href="">You can download it here</a> if you can be bothered!
Otherwise, you can <a href="">download this demo of Alien Deathmatch 2</a> instead..

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New games every week!
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