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Sheriff Munky
  30th September, 2008
This week, I haven't entered the Wednesday Workshop. Instead I had a try at the Monthly one (#013), which asked us to create a game with lots of guns, and bullets and shootyness.

Since I'd already done a decent enough shooter the other day (H~S) I decided to try my hand at something a little different.


Sheriff Munky is half spawned from the need to do something with guns, but also half spawned from a tune I wrote, ages and ages ago. I did a little western like ditty, and called it Sheriff Munky. Then I drew a picture, and left the idea to rot on my harddrive... Typical..

Nothing like a workshop to get the ideas re-flowing.

Completely scrapping all but the theme tune, I got to work on a whole new Sheriff Munky! He looks completely different, he fights birds instead of bandits, and there's a whole bunch of crates to jump over, too.

You can Download Sheriff Munky here, and use the included online scoreboard to register your awesome sheriff skills.

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