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[DS] - JNKPlat DS 08.1_Level
9th September 2008  
A quick update, albeit not a proper one..
If you download <a href="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/jnkplat08ds.zip">this new version</a> of JNKPlat, you can use the inbuilt editor to play around with all the nice new features I've been adding in, lately.
I've not really gotten around to building a bunch of levels, yet, though! So you'll have to wait for that.

I'll be posting a new version next week with some new packs of levels, and maybe even a bunch more new features, too!

Head inside to find the list of new features..


Updated Features
1. Ice on floors. Platdude skids across, rather than stops, wherever there's ice.

2. Faster darts. There's 2 dart blocks in the editor. The left hand ones will shoot every 180 frames, right will shoot every 90..!

3. Faster Plungers. There's 2 plungers.. Red = slow, Green = faster.

4. Blocks on Plungers. If you drop a block on a plunger, it'll remove the plunger, but also make the switch, making for permanent switches.

5. Conveyor Belts. They make you move!!!

6. Blocks on Belts. Blocks shift along on belts. Note.. Moving blocks aren't considered solid objects.. So you can usually run through blocks on belts! Bizarre.. But f'k it! They will smush you if you're between a wall and one, though!

7. Blinky Blinky Blobs!..! Stick down a blinky blinky blob, and it occasionally blinks between being a floor and not being a floor!
Timing's very very hard.
Draw a line of blinky blinky blobs, and you'll notice a pattern. Draw a full line of them, and a stream of floor will appear to move side to side.. Draw about 5 or 6 in a row, and you get a nice, challenging, occasional bridge to cross at the right time..
Blinky Blinky Blob Bridges move at the same pace Platdude runs.

8. Flamethrowers!!!

There's probably more, but.. I can't remember them!! d'oh!

If you make any levels, send them my way, and they'll be in the next release.

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